Friday, September 17, 2010

I found some old drawings - like a year old.

So it's not that old, but still -- I realized the gravity of drawing consistently for a year, and animating "Red" and "Wolfe" over and over again. Drawing them over and over again really pushed to improve how I approached drawing my lovely ladies in general.

This is like end of third year work:

And while it's not bad - like at all, its lacking structure, and the designs are still a bit loose. And obviously Jenna Fargo no longer has luscious black locks of hair, and a wolf helmet. I decided these costumes were gay.

And like - I think I was trying to conserve line s or something - because there's a lot of detail that could be on here but totally isn't. I suppose I was thinking about animating them - but even still, there aren't animateable at all. ever.

These are actually more animated - this is actually pretty recent; like beginning of summer recent. After pumping out 2 minutes of traditional animation (although I digress, not all of it inbetweened), I started seeing how I drew them differently - and it became more streamlined and the caricatures of their ethnicity became more obvious. Now it's pretty obvious that Kiyoko's Asian even without the epic geisha outfit; and you can tell Crystal's...well, white. But I Guess this isnt a totally smooth transition -- here's something older:

This is about October of fourth year. I haven't started animating, but I've done about 500 panels in storyboards - 90% of them rejects (obviously). Aside from Red having the world's smallest cigarette; this is about where I started to push myself painting and learning more about draftsmanship through using colour and tone.
Wolfe's face kind of looks like I took my fist to the right side of it a little bit too often, but I think this is where I finalized hair designs and Alex's signature unicorn curl on her head. Also I'm beginning to realize that everyone's eyes can't be Belle's (Beauty and the Beast) eyes.

Now this is december - I think my brain kind of exploded here because this is pushing it for even me. However -- but I think this is where structure and economy really hit home. Maybe not on the faces; but the bodies definitely. They feel fuller.

This is the most recent drawing - because it i did it last night. I dunno. I think I've made a lot of progress. This is something everyone should do -- just document how far they've come in a year. Now if I was uncouth, I'd drop a very iconic Michael Scott line here, but I think I'll keep that to voice conversation only. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

And the Mr. Popo Alex face up in the corner of the last drawing. I decided it should stay there to ruin the mood of the drawing.

EDIT: This is a fun comparison.



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