Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CINTIQ 21UX review

I suppose this was hella long overdue.

As most of the people who follow my blog know (you should totally click on the follow button on the side, so it makes me feel so much more special) - I had to wait like 2 months to get my bloody Cintiq. From June to August, ew.

However, I recently received it, in a box that I could fit in and it bestowed its glory on me. I kind of felt like Batman swooped into my room (in a giant box that I could fit in) and said - I'll do your art from now on. Don't worry, no one'll know.

So like, I've had an intuos3 for about 3 years now, and it croaked recently. I was borrowing Julia's tablet for the last few weeks, until my fabled cintiq arrived and I suppose I had no expectations. I've heard some horror stories about the colour quality on the older models, and problems with smudging your grimy sweaty hands all over the screen and the screen starts to smell (false).
But I also heard of smudge guards, which is like this one finger glove that isn't used for colorectal examinations, but keeping that sweaty hand off of the tablet, but keeping your fingers nice and dextrous. But as I don't have 15$ plus shipping, I chopped up a dollar store glove. But apparently it's totally boss, so I recommend it anyway.

All that aside, I opened up the cavernous box, and set up this monster. I have to say, I was heavily impressed by the stand.

The stand??

Yeah I know, the stand. The stand is actually amazing, and I have no idea what the last cintiq 21UX had to be completely honest but this thing has levers. The right one to go up, the left to go down. And little wheels on the back to make adjusting absolutely flawless.

The colours are also fantastic, and when i look it up, it tells me its contrast ratio is like 550:1, which is complete poop, because my blacks are very black and my whites are very blindingly white. I've never trusted those ratios anyway.

It's also oddly smooth. Like drawing on paper, but I know I'm not. It feels like paper. It's a pleasure to paint on, a pleasure to draw on, and I'm positive everyone aspires to own a cintiq, but I would insist that you eventually own one.


Well, Everyone I've ever met who's bought a cintiq has told me, I've had to overhaul my entire system just to make way for the cintiq. I've always been like, oh yeah totally, NOT. I'm gonna just plug her in and go!

This was a vain dream.

I've had a dual monitor set up for editing and painting and stuff, it's been joyous. Since the cintiq came, and my motherboard cannot take two video cards, one of my monitors has since been retired. Which isn't a problem, I suppose. I just have to sell these two little monitors and replace them with a massive, beautiful monitor. That's the only con I suppose.
There's also a dead pixel and this kills me. But it's one singular dead pixel, and you don't notice it if you're working on light images.

The cintiq does get hot, but nothing blazing like the cintiqs at Sheridan.
So I whole heartedly recommend you also wait for 2 months, for this amazing piece of equipment. If you can deal with the thought of a dead pixel or two, you'll be okay.

It's also 33 pounds, so have fun moving it.

Sorry, no art today. Applying for jobs, and going on a road trip tomorrow.

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  1. I was wondering where you ordered it from and how much you payed for it. I'm planning on buying in the near future and would like to know where to buy it. Thanks for your time =)