Saturday, July 10, 2010

Endeavours once ventured long ago, now ventured again

Not only did I watch Office Space today - which I haven't seen since March, I've also been very busy sculpting. Like very busy. I'm trying to get it done before Julia leaves Cuppa Coffee so it can be fired in their kiln, as opposed to me firing it in my residential oven that will result in cancer casserole a la mode later.

So it's supposed to be done soon -- but it doesn't look like it as I just ran out of sculpey. So here it is.

It's Alex:

Except her hairs down, and she has only half her hair, a gimp hand, and her trench coat isn't done yet. But I was thinking her hair came out pretty rockin'. But i really placed her belt too low - and her crotch so I have to move those up. But that'll be done when the Sheridan bookstore opens on Monday and I can go and get more sculpey.

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