Monday, September 7, 2009

Something a little more complete

medium: photoshop cs4; time: about 7 hours give or take

I'm surprised I kept at it that long, considering CS4 is a selfish brat and throws tantrums whenever it gets the chance. But anyway --

I decided to actually devote time to something that was applicable to Red Wolfe, and thus, here's Red in all her glory. I realized that she looks a heck of a lot like Nigella Lawson in how she carries herself. Nigella Lawson being a Food Network TV show host, (Host of Nigella Express) and a very curvaceous woman while being really attractive all at once. Of course, Nigella is not an antagonistic whore.

I also, will never render silk ever again. Considering it doesn't even look like silk; I think that's evidence enough I should stay away from fancy fabric until a later date.

There's something up with Red's chest too, but I got to a point where I realize that the most important points are fine: Her cleavage, and her face. (In that order of importance)

I'm likely going to tweak this and repost it.

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